Achieve maximum effectiveness on your sales efforts by doing minimum by integrating the workflow tool

Marketing is now easier, yet effective with synchronizing ‘workflow’ in your campaigns. Feel in control of your marketing with our all in one, inbound marketing software that lets you automate various processes in your campaign.

Trigger automated actions based around your visitor’s behaviour and their contact database information. We take the whole marketing process to a whole new level allowing you to update, add or delete contacts from your database to email notifications.

For instance, if your lead downloads an offer/content from your website or landing page and if you wish to send this lead to the sales team, presuming your lead is not a bit more ready, our platform allows you to shown them a highly personalized call to action button. Personalize CTA is one of the top contributor for your sales cycle as you score your visitor to a lead with the help of workflows.

Specify your rules as you go along with your lead, as you save time automating the process. It is now all about sending the right message, to the right people and the right time. You can also base y our workflow on any piece of information on your contacts, such as:

  • Opportunities that have visited your website and viewed a specific page
  • Opportunities based on their company size i.e. turnover, number of employees
  • Opportunities based on their business location & segment/industry
  • Opportunities with certain history and details like, ‘x’ number of page views & downloads
Why should you be using Workflows?

1). Lead Conversion into customers:

Work flows allows you to segment your leads with regards to their behaviour and history. It helps your nurture your lead the by segmenting them into ideal groups based on their position in the sales cycle. Deliver on their specific interests, by utilizing ‘smart’ forms and CTA, show and asking for information that is required at their sales cycle stage.

2). Pre-define the time and customise content:

Set up time for your email workflow and customize your content that relates the best to the positioning of your lead. Trigger highly customized and personalized emails to those leads that seem at a more ‘ready’ stage.

You also can choose the best time to send that email and track when the email got opened at your customer’s end using newly integrated tool, ‘Signals’.

3). A big time ‘time saver’:

Workflows save your previous time as your leverage on the use of ‘smart’ forms and CTA, by asking for information that is required at their sales cycle stage, and not wasting time and effort in collecting what your database may already know about your lead.

Workflow remains and will be the most integral part of your lead capturing and nurturing process to become the biggest contributor on your overall marketing strategy. Save time today and see the effectiveness of your marketing with Enfactum’s inbound marketing platform.