Refine your ranking in search engines by defining & monitoring most effective key phrases

With our inbound marketing automated software, search engine optimisation is incorporated with anything you do. It allows you to research relevant keywords, analyse competition and at the same time get advised on the type of content that will get you higher in ranks.

Research Keywords:
  • Get suggestions for relevant keywords
  • Compare rankings of your keywords with each another
  • Check out the highest ranking keywords
  • Learn where you’re getting the traffic from
  • Analyse problems with conversion

As you type: SEO insight

Our keywords feature comes built in and it is the perfect keyword advisory tool when writing blogs. As you type in content, it alerts you anytime you use a keyword that you are trying to rank with. Above all, you can also click over a specific keyword to measure performance and get suggested pages to link to form your website.

As you type: page performance

Spot your SEO errors are you type content on pages and blogs with real time instructions on how you want to go about ‘fixing’ them. Correct your errors as you go!