Partner Portals & Channel Management: Measure ROI on channel & partners as well as increase channel revenue with our web based partner portal application

Enfactum helps you effectively address the needs of our authorized partners, where they can leverage resources and tools designed specifically for them. Together, we can create a dedicated tool designed for your partner community, just the way you want!

Channel Management Programs 

When you sell and market through channel partners you are trying to reach your organizational goals through a team that is not directly under your control. At the same time this organization represents your products and services in the eyes of the customer. Therefore, managing channel partners comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities that your organization must deal with.

Monitoring their performance standards and results, motivating and training channel partners and their personnel are just some of the issues that organizations grapple with. Another important factor is the fact that every channel partner may need a different management approach. You need to understand the specific capabilities of each channel partner and develop a personal development plan. Something that aligns their priorities and goals with yours so that the partnership works to the mutual benefit of both.

At Enfactum we develop programs to help you navigate your way through every aspect of this situation. First, we can help you use technology and analytical tools to measure and evaluate the performances of different channel partners. With our extensive experience we go a step further and help your organization come up with strategies and programs to manage, motivate and empower your channel partners. Just another way we help you optimize your efforts and enabling you and your channel partners to realize your true potential!

Channel Engagement Programs  

Choosing a suitable channel partner is a crucial decision at any time – if you are looking to enter a new market, expanding your sales network or launching a new product line. The right partner is essential to achieving your strategic goals.

There are a number of roles that a channel partner can play:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Management and support of existing customers in their territory
  • Customer Service
  • Logistical support
  • Marketing support
  • Value-added packaging or selling

When you engage a channel partner it is very important to communicate your expectations to them clearly. At the same time, the channel partner should also have a good understanding of your business strategy and Information of who you target, how you sell and your competitive advantages. 

This is where Enfactum can play a key role – not only in helping you choose the right channel partner but also in planning the exact model of engagement that you should have. We can help you gather information about and evaluate important factors that govern the choice of a channel partner. What is there access to the target customer base? What territory do they cover? Do they have the relevant technical know-how to effectively sell your product line? 

We work hard to ensure that you are in a position to make the best possible decisions for your organization and staying a step ahead of the competition!