Segment, score and recycle your leads, let your sales secure them when they’re ready

Today it is all about making your marketing, a personalised experience. Enfactum’s inbound marketing solutions helps you create and maintain that a rich profile for every contact that enters your system. Whether you earn a lead from your social media channels or landing pages, our inbound marketing platform lets you see a full 360 degree view of the contact.


lead nurturing

Search & Edit properties when you like for any profile. You can even ‘favourite’ the properties for quicker reference. Every single data is nicely integrated for you to give you a full profile at a single point under your contact database.

Review your prospect’s timeline that lists down every single interactions with you or your company. See emails exchanged as well as forms submission by a particular lead, page views, etc. This is a tidy tool for your sales team to learn more or most about your prospect as they prepare their pitch.

Treat each contact as individual as you develop various different work flows and automate your marketing with a personal touch. This is not all, with seamless integration with your existing CRM system our inbound marketing tool is world’s top choice when it comes to personal marketing.

lead nurturing

Score your leads: Maximise on the customer build scoring system. Leverage on this handy lead scoring tool to advise your sales when they’re ready.

Import and store data: Our lead management model also helps you save external data with a simple drag and drop usability. You can depend on progressive profiling as you speak to your contacts.

Segment your contacts: Create your very own customised lists based on demography, using lead scoring tool or even customer behaviour.

Create ‘smart list’: When you create ‘smart field’, these contacts gets updated all by themselves, as they match your criteria.

lead nurturing