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email marketing

Use Landing Pages to capture leads:

We’ve always talked about how landing pages can help generate that much needed lead for your business. Landing pages with effective form, in exchange of an enticing offer for your visitor is one of the top ways to generate leads using inbound marketing.

Put effective calls to action buttons for lead conversion:

Put calls to action into action. Whether you’re writing a blog or creating a landing page, what pulls your visitor to your website is that Call to Action button. An effective CTA that matches your theme and delivers on what it promises the visitor when clicked upon is sure to offer quality leads for your business.

Promote your message and landing pages via social media:

You want to maximise on all opportunities that our integrated inbound marketing software has on offer for you. You’ve now created attractive, responsive landing pages with effective CTA to sit on. It is now time to leverage the power of social media and stick your message on social media for maximum coverage. Enfactum’s inbound marketing software gives your that much needed insights into your social media efforts like no other tool.

Introduce the ‘smart rule’ to your forms:

Guarantee yourself quality profile of those qualified leads that that you always wanted by enabling the smart rule. Smart rule enables your forms to automatically changes itself for a repeat visitor. Your visitor may see a different form at the first time they visit your landing page and they see a rather much more personal form that automatically qualifies them for stage two of your nurturing process. Making some crucial fields mandatory, you guarantee yourself qualified leads that come pouring via landing pages and the forms.

email marketing

Maximise on Social Sharing:

Leverage on the power of social media tool that comes fully integrated with our inbound marketing platform. Add social sharing for maximising your on blogs, landing pages or articles.

Email Marketing:

Our all in one inbound marketing software also comes with a fully integrated email marketing programs where you can create email campaigns like never seen before. Use leads and profiles from your pre-segmented contacts database and measure analysis and insights to measure success.

Writing Blogs:

Writing blogs is one of the ways you can look into generating more leads. They say you are 55% more likely to get found online if you blog (regularly). Inbound marketing gives a lot of emphasis on content creation. This is that remarkable content that helps pull your customer in via your blogs helping you getting found out there. Our inbound marketing software not only lets you create and publish your content, but our integrated SEO and Keyword tool helps you structure it well for the search engines.