Inbound Marketing by Enfactum: Get Found, Attract Visitors, Generate Leads & Analyse & Close

We believe that there’s a lot of change in marketing today, its transforming & our s/ware that helps you embrace that change. Having gained extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region we also offer a unique perspective into inbound marketing services which is also becoming the “core” of our business. Our “inbound marketing” methodology is implemented on an ‘all in one’ automated marketing platform.

Enfactum now empowers you to enable your customer to find you! So when someone is looking for your services on search engines or social media they can find you via your very own content. Our all in one, automated marketing platform helps you Get Found, Gen Leads & Convert them into Customers, with a simple view of:

- Bringing visitors to your website through your content

- Finding qualified leads (people who are looking for YOU)

- Nurturing leads into ‘retainer’ customers.

To put it simply, inbound marketing focuses on a three stage:

  • Attract traffic
  • Convert visitors into leads
  • Convert leads onto sales and promoters

Here in Singapore, Enfactum focus on a typical funnel approach, defined in three stages: where we attract visitors to your website, monitor their engagement with you web content and classified them as qualified leads. Our automated marketing platform helps us classified those leads into how classified they actual are and to what degree of nurturing they actually require. Enfactum marketing platform helps you put your leads in various marketing activities and workflows to enable your leads to become customers.

We put together all those ‘disconnected’ marketing activities together with our all in one marketing platform. So now all your marketing campaigns and messages can reach out to your target audience, from one single point. Not just that, inbound marketing software is making life easier for marketers throughout the world by doing less, and achieving more effectively.

Enfactum empowers you to do all of the following, from one single source.

- Analyse social media feeds

- Optimise keyword content on blogs

- Track visitor/user engagement

- Generate qualified lead

- Email marketing & workflows

- Reporting & analysis of all your marketing efforts

So what exactly is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a methodology that focuses on getting your content in front of people to produce leads at the lowest possible cost. Unlike outbound marketing where you have to buy, beg or bug your way to get your customers attention through TV advertisements, telemarketing, cold calling, etc., with inbound marketing you earn your customer attention by advertising your company through blogs, social media marketing, SEO, landing pages & value exchange offerings. By doing this Enfactum makes it easy for your company to get found on search engines “organically”, helping you create unique and engaging content online and optimizing your website, which attract visitors to your brand & generate that qualified lead your business always wanted.

We are gaining traction among a variety of businesses with our inbound marketing strategy. Our clients range from big & small, B2B & B2C, helping them save time & money & whilst delivering a measureable ROI on their marketing efforts – all from one single platform. Our automated marketing suite, takes care of all your marketing requirements, right from attracting leads, converting them into leads and leads into customers. With workflows, email campaigns and CRM integration, you are in full control of your marketing activities.

Inbound marketing is a methodology and process that hinges on getting your content in front of people to generate leads at the lowest possible cost. To put it simply, inbound marketing is the top source to harvest 'qualified leads' for your business. Compared to outbound marketing where the focus is that you find them, through techniques that bug and beg, and don´t target the right customers any longer. Furthermore, there is a lot of change in the marketing today, and people have various sources and methods to block your traditional messages. Inbound marketing revolves around a new automated marketing platform makes the traditional techniques less effective and more expensive in some cases.

Inbound vs. outbound:

- Three specific areas where inbound provides better effect than outbound:

  • Cost less: Do you want to spend big money? … Then outbound marketing is the thing you should invest your time and money in – whether it is on trade shows, through advertising purchases or mailing lists. On the other hand if you want to save some bucks you go for inbound marketing. That is all about creating relevant content, talk about it and get people to get engaged in it. To start writing a blog is free of charge, the same with getting a Twitter account and both of these can generate thousands of leads to your site for free. Inbound marketing have a higher return on investment. 
  • Better targeting: I can only speech for myself, but I like to do some research before I take a choice. Getting a lot of spam on my email, and cold-calls when I am doing other things is just waste of my time. Inbound marketing is perfect for customers like myself. Day target me, because I have been qualified and shown interest in their content when I have searched online, and with a high probability that I am also interested in their products and services.
  • It is an investment, not an on-going expense: Nothing in life is free somebody says, but that is not true. You can rank high on Google organically search engine for free as long as you invest resources and time in creating quality content. You will remain there as long as nobody else comes up with better content than you, and that takes time. The other way is to buy PPC advertising and have it as an on-going expense, but the value of it just vanishes away as soon as you have paid.