Create forms using drag & drop functionality & ask the right questions for lead conversion

Get introduced to the easiest form builder with drag & drop functionality and ask different questions to the same visitor based on their interaction with your website (progressive profiling). Simple to create, yet powerful forms letting you easily grab the right information from your visitor.


Why our forms are the best?


Automate marketing process with each form as and when submitted on your website.

Auto update your lead information already in the contacts database, with every new form submission.

Keep the sales department updated with auto form submission notifications.

Put together your form in a matter of seconds.


Drag & Drop: with our sophisticated drag and drop functionality, create easy to use forms.

Easy Customization: allow you to re-arrange fields, make them mandatory or invisible, etc.

Customer Field: properties allows to automatically save the information directly into the contacts database.

Smart Field: automatically removes those fields that the visitor has pre-filled during their previous visit. Therefore, smart field lets your visitor to save time and energy by not asking the questions they have already entered the answers for.

Field Validation: Ensures that you have a quality data in your contacts database, by recognizing an invalid email address and at the same time prompting the visitor to correct that. Therefore, now you get no more incorrect data for your marketing.

Block Domains: you don’t want visitors to enter on the form. It allows you to specify those particular domain names that you do not want to collect information on.

Error Correction: automatically corrects the invalid information such as the phone number, typos, & email address. This is based on the criteria you select. So everything is in control and you collect what you really want.

Once the visitor has filled in the forms, our inbound marketing system automatically saves them as ‘contact’ under the sophisticated internal contacts database.