Create & Send personalized emails campaigns according to your data

Email marketing with Enfactum’s all in one, inbound marketing software is way more than simply uploading a .csv file for email campaigns. Whilst other regular email marketing platforms may bring to you upload of .csv files (all day long), serving your with inconsistent email marketing templates and irregular and incomplete analytics, our ‘in build’ email marketing tool brings your everything that your unique email campaign may require!

Our email campaign tool is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the applications in the tools such as contacts, and analytics.

Beautiful & ‘Responsive’ Email Templates:

All email templates are full tested and optimised for conversion.

Comes with A/B testing:

Send your test email to a some contacts in your lest, analyse the best email, then send the best, to the rest!

Maximising on ‘Sharing’ capabilities:

Add Social sharing button with just a click to maximise your reach.

No .csv files! Prospects are automatically submitted from the central contact database:

See your prospects being submitted automatically into the main central contacts database.

Real Time preview of your email structures: See as you go!

See the changes as you type into the split window. One of the excellent capabilities of our inbound marketing platform.

Define ‘workflows’ along with your email campaigns:

Automate your marketing process maximising on the capabilities of our all in one inbound marketing software.

Analytics & measurement tools:

Email analysis tools are integrated with the rest of the analytics tools on the platform. Measure the success, see who’s opened your emails and when with the latest tool called ‘Signals’ now incorporated with our inbound marketing platform.


email marketing

In just three simple steps, our platform helps you launch an email campaign that actually works and the one you can measure:

1). Select a Template: Choose from our collection of different but professional email designs. Best of all, these come totally responsive in nature, to adjust to your target list’s devices whether it is a mobile, or a tab or laptop.

email marketing

2). Personalize your email: Personalise these emails like never before.

email marketing

3). Choose a recipient list: Choose list of people form your contact database, depending upon where they stand in your purchase life cycle.

email marketing