b2b or b2c, we develop fully compliant & affordable e-commerce website solutions right from concept development to design

Enfactum’s E-commerce Services:

Whether it is a promotional E-commerce site that attracts people with promotional deals or a high-end E-commerce site that sells jewelry and branded products, Enfactum can produce the right website design to suite your requirement. We have tied up with some of the best players in the e-commerce field where we deploy the most suitable platform to deliver a state of the art e-commerce solution for you from Magento to open source.

We believe that no two businesses are alike and we aim to offer the best services such as:

1). Product management

After choosing the template and setting it up, it’s a blank site until you list your products!
Enfactum helps you conveniently list your products with pricings, images, videos, and other information that you want. The product listings will be responsive according to the web device used to access the site, for the convenience of your site visitors. Our automated software will assist you monitoring stock, keeping check of your inventories to prevent any unaccounted goods.

2). Inbound Marketing Advice

After listing your products, it’s time to let your site go LIVE. We know that young sites might not be seen on the Internet at all sometimes, but rest assured because we will make sure that doesn’t happen to our clients. We provide inbound marketing advice to help you to promote your businesses most effectively, and help your sites be seen in the shortest time possible.

3). Various payment methods

Now that customers are flooding to your site, you must be having a headache over the transactions. Behold as you go and grab your Panadol pills. It’s well taken care of by Enfactum. We would have conveniently set up different payment methods for you, ranging from Paypal to NETS or Mastercard. All you have to do is to check your bank accounts to double check!

4). Fraud rating

Oops, but sometimes you might have bad clients! Customers who request for payment at delivery but give you the wrong address or reject your product when it arrives! Rest assured; all these will be recorded in our databases and when the same persons appear again, we will warn you. No more customers with bad track records! In addition, our website security system will automatically block out visitors who behave suspiciously on your site; this is to protect you against potential hackers.

5). Easy-to-use management software

From time to time, you need to send out your promotional deals via e-mail campaigns and other marketing tools too. Therefore, we also provide a unique software that allows you to manage your various marketing campaigns from an integrated software (HubSpot?). The software also allows you to do marketing analytics to watch your own performance and compare to previous months or quarters. Now with everything properly set, it’s time to look at your chart as it goes up day by day!

6). IT maintenance

Last but not least, when the day comes and you need IT help from us, we are always still here!