Increase conversion rates with highly personalised calls to action buttons with drag & drop capability

As far as lead generation is concerned, Call to Action buttons is considered as important as the landing page, blog post or social media updates, it sits on.

So, what exactly is a CTA / Call to action?

A Call to Action (CTA) is an image or text that prompts your visitor to take an action. This ‘action’ could be anything from download an e-book, signing up for a webinar, download whitepaper, see your blog posts, etc. These call to action can be located in an email, a blog post or social media updates or feeds.

Here’s a good example of what a call to action button may look like, where exactly can they be found and in what context.

call to action

But it is not all about, simply placing these CTAs on your website, blogs or social media feeds. It takes a bit more than that in order to entice your customer to ‘actually’ take an action by clicking on your CTA button.

Here are a few tips on creating & placing an effective call to action:

An Eye-Catchy design: Our inbound marketing platform comes with predefined CTA templates/format. With several to choose from, Enfactum’s inbound marketing platform allow you to create your very own, using any design or image. It all requires is to have that ‘creative’ hat on your head. Your CTA must grab your visitor’s attention as you ensure that they match the over all colour theme/format of your website, at the same time appear large enough to catch the visitor’s eye.

Spare the Jargon:like ‘submit’ button. It is up to you to make your CTA stand out by using the same ol jargons or by saying something catchy or out of the box. For example it may not be just sufficient to simply say ‘submit’ at the point that matters a lot more.

Display a clear value proposition: This is all about making sure, making absolutely sure about what the visitor is going to get when he/she clicks on your CTA. For example, if it is a product demo or if you’re asking the visitor the click on your CTA to download a free e-book, ensure that you deliver a relevant CTA that clearly states all about the value proposition.

Make it relevant: to the landing page & and the visitor. By that I mean to say that you only need to connect your CTA button to the exact landing page that the customer wishes to see. The visitor has come to click your CTA for a very specific reason and that is to view, access that information that your CTA promises to deliver.

You also want to ensure that you show a specific CTA to a specific lot of visitors. For example, you will not show a ‘free demo’ to the visitors that have come to you for the first time. You may want to put up a more ’nurturing’ centric CTA to warm the prospect into a trial or a demo. Enfactum’s inbound marketing platform allows you to place something called a ‘SMART CTA’ where in you can show specific CTAs to the most relevant visitors. That means, a different CTA button for your first time visitors, a different but more specific CTA to the lead and finally, a unique CTA for your customer.

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With our Smart CTA, you can create or base your call to action buttons specific to your contact, where ever they may be in your sales life cycle.