Providing real time lead intelligence for maximum sales effectiveness by integrating your existing CRM system

Our inbound marketing software bring on board seamless integration into with all the relevant information/data that the marketing team will need to close a customer.

Real Time data sync, allowing you to take the right step at the right time.

Have that much needed lead intelligence from Enfactum’s inbound marketing platform, right inside of your CRM

Use marketing automation to nurture your lead, by pulling them off your existing CRM system into Enfacutm’s inbound marketing software.

Simple contact sync feature between CRM system and Enfactum’s inbound marketing platform, making it easy for your company to converse with your leads on a one to one basis.

Easy Installation

Our inbound marketing software comes with a step by step, easy to integrate procedure with your existing CRM. Not just Salesforce but most common CRM system can be seamlessly integrated.