Create targeted & personalised content to feed customer’s want & maximise the scope with sharing capabilities

Inbound marketing is about producing content and sharing that very content online, everywhere. With inbound marketing help you attract that ‘qualified’ lead to your business (organically), with the power of content using our automated marketing tool.

Today it is all about providing remarkable content for your business. Analysis confirm that you are 55% more likely to be found online when you’re producing fresh content from time to time as blog posts.

By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, you make your business more relevant for you visitors & customers. Here at Enfactum, we are trying to change the way we do marketing everyday by putting emphasis on unique, remarkable content that can be shared via social media channels too for maximum coverage. All this, done quickly, efficiently and effortlessly using our all in one inbound marketing platform.

Enfactum’s Content Optimization Platform, puts your visitor at the centre of your marketing efforts. It helps you to manage & put your content around the devices your website visitors use, making it completely responsive.

Enfactum’s inbound marketing platform makes it easier to construct remarkable content to help your business be seen online on search engines, organically. Integrated with social media, our helpful SEO tool is embedded in our inbound marketing software, making ranking much easily achievable.

Use your content to create healthy & long-term relationships with your customers via Enfactum’s inbound marketing platform, as you go about attracting your visitors through the power of content & converting them into leads & leads into customers.