Business Analytics: Insights like never before

If you're looking for a highly result-oriented and detailed eye partner to help you better utilize the resources to grow your business and generate high revenues—from strategy planning to execution and ongoing optimization, you've reached the right destination. 

Huge data has always been quite a concern when it comes to trend analysis and customer perspectives in the fast paced environment. That’s where our technical experts come into picture as a top priority for the decision makers for Enfactum help companies capitalize on big data to get the know-how of about market trends, marketing programs, equipment performance and other business elements.

The term “Business Analytics is collectively a set of technologies, applications, processes, quantitative analysis and skills used by multitude organizations to gain insight into their business models based on fact based data and statistics to measure performance metrics and drive business planning. Our specialist team share the best-practices advice for managing successful data analytics programs, with tips for identifying business goals, selecting software, using existing resources and avoiding potential loopholes in their system. We at Enfactum simplify your efforts by automating content creation, distribution, lead capture and management, and measuring of ROI and provide guidance to define the right metrics, apply marketing ROI processes, establish measurement discipline and monitor performance with effective dashboards.

We provide statistical measurement analytics and optimization services that help businesses measurably improve their performance parameters and return on investment.  Our analytics service is not about producing more reports for you to analyze and interpret. We do the analysis for you along with the takeaways - things you can do and act right now to measurably improve your overall performance and productivity efficiently.

Enfactum Has It All!

What makes us different from other inbound marketing companies is the fact that we understand even the best-laid marketing plans can fall short of your objectives and so we perceive business from your perspective and we have the expertise and technology to actually show you what's working and what's not in a campaign.

Let us help u to create a clear path to enhance the progressive growth of your organization by providing you highly optimized solution.

Program Execution Platforms 

Running channel programs is one function that companies are increasingly looking at outsourcing. These may be initiatives an organization decides to implement to promote and increase sales, product usage or to shine a light on a new product or service. Enfactum offers this service to enable companies to run turnkey programs. From conceptualization to communication to ensuring take-up and finally payment and analysis we can design and execute an entire campaign. 

We do this by bringing in our know-how and expertise to every stage of the process. We begin by clearly identifying organizational goals that are to be achieved by a program. The next step would be to determine which activities or programs would be the most effective in realizing these goals. Here again we can help you choose from a broad spectrum of ideas.

We then take it further by executing the actual program and in the end review and analyze the outcome. Gathering information and learnings throughout the process that will enable us to making the program even more effective as well as efficient. Throughout the process our objective would be to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from your investments.