Automate your lead nurturing process via email or your website or any other channel

Seamless marketing automation now possible with Enfactum inbound marketing software that lets you nurture your leads with more relevant content and information. Eliminate the guess work from your email campaigns and engage them with some quality and personal content that they deserve.

Our approach with automation centres on your lead and your marketing strategy, keeping your campaigns on track, always with better ROI.

What makes our marketing automation look different from other’s

Easy to build campaigns, create goals and form a lead capturing & nurturing

Nurture Leads:
The system automatically picks up all the relevant information that it has learned so far about your contact, right from a visitor stage to lead and from lead to a customer.

Goal Settings:
Set up goal after another as a part of your lead nurturing and capturing. Set up new goals from one campaign to another.

Adding Workflows:
Add steps, and a variety of them from email after email, offering a personalized touch based on the stage your lead is in the sales cycle.

Lead Capturing & Nurturing:
Our build in content and search optimization tools helps you drive traffic to your websites and landing pages, putting them into a flow from being a visitor on your website, to becoming a lead and converting from a lead into a customer.

Align your Contact Database:
Our centralised contacts database helps you gather quality profile of visitors for you. It paves an effective path for you as a marketer to segment your contacts based on their situation in the sales cycle.

Lead Segmentation:
Categorize your leads based on their profile and behaviour with your website and content. You can go about lead scoring to better understand on their stand point.