Analyse your online traffic & see which sources are harvesting the most leads for you. Measure ROI on your marketing efforts

It is now all the more easier with Enfactum’s inbound marketing platform to analyse your data from one single point, and simplifying it at the same time making it easy to understand.

Why our build in analytical tools is better?

People Centric:

Giving you a full 360 degree view of the people who have been on your website, not just showing how many view you’ve had. But actually showing a better insight into your visitor or lead.

Multi-Channel View:

See all of your dis-integrated channels in one view saving your time and yet giving precise insights into your reports.

Full Funnel Reporting:

Covering the complete life cycle of your lead, our analytics gives you’re a full view of the stages your lead has been through.

Goals & Predictive Analysis:

Set goals, and a variety of them right from monthly visits to your website to downloading a particular offer on a landing page. Enfactum’s inbound marketing software’s analytical tool lets you have full control on your goal pursuing process and success measurement.

Better & Clearer Insights with our analytical tool

Find out how people are discovering you and your website. See actual figures that give you insights on your visitor’s engagement with your website and content such as hits earned from an email campaign to the success from your paid campaigns.

Differentiate from seeing a visitor on your website to a customer i.e. leads who have ended up in purchasing from you, making it easier for you to invest in the right direction and with the right lead.

See which pages on your website are most effective to your visitors and gauge priority of these pages from a sales funnel perspective.

See which content contributes the most To your sales and nurturing process as you see how much time is being spent on each page.

Detailed Insights into your contacts, visitors, leads & customers

Get analytics into each contact and see what have brought them to your website as you begin to see a full 360 degree view of their profile.

Email Marketing Analytics

Get information on deliver, open and click rates for all your email campaigns. See how engaged and how did your contact interacted with your content.

Call To Action Button Analytics

Check out the visit-to-click conversion rate analysis as you perform A/B testing model on CTA buttons.

Page Performance Analytics

See exact keywords and phrases the visitor used to get to your web pages and blog posts. See the number of inbound links that have contributed, give them a date range for a better insight.